You have a split second to capture people’s attention before they move on and your opportunity is lost. It’s about timing, tone and angle – about crafting messages that crackle.

  • Looking for engaging SEO web content that drives traffic and turns visitors into customers?
  • Need entertaining, informative blog posts that will bring something new to your website and boost your rankings?
  • Maybe you’re after fresh and persuasive promotional copy for a marketing campaign?
  • Or you need help developing your voice or creating a particular message?

I’m experienced, meticulous and passionate about what I do. Whatever your project, I create powerful messages that will separate you from your competition and generate curiosity and leads.

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Great copywriting lures customers like bees to a flower. 


Hi I’m Gemma: writer, editor, serial killer of poor grammar and dull words. How can I help?

“The difference between the right word and the wrong word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.” Mark Twain

“Wow, Gemma has been a wonderful find for our start up business, her writing skills matched with her SEO knowledge have really helped us with our online strategy. Every day I receive unsolicited approaches regarding SEO and already we have improved our ranking. Plus she has a sense of humour.”

Julie O'Donohue

Founder, Next Address

“Gemma worked on content strategy and copywriting for for a year. Gemma brought a new and different voice to our blog with articles that resonated well with our customers. It wasn’t just humans who appreciated Gemma’s work, the content she wrote has led to a long tail of SEO love through Google. I look forward to using Gemma for our next project.”


Josh Rowe

CEO, realAs

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