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Do your product features LURE or BORE?

When it comes to promoting your product features across your landing page, there are a myriad of ways to stuff it up... Your product features should be what make your product or service so special. The things that separate you from your competition. But when it comes...

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5 Reasons Most Web Content Fails

Most web content fails because of 5 simple reasons “We are a young, dynamic and rapidly expanding business focused on delivering solution-based strategies and initiatives for our blah blah blah…” Sound familiar? The internet is swarming with...

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5 SEO Essentials for Every Business

Feeling overwhelmed about SEO? Struggling to get your website seen in search results? Here are some SEO essentials that will help. For some people, SEO can feel as mysterious and unknown as the remotest pockets of Antarctica - and almost as challenging to...

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Gemma Hawdon is an experienced copywriter based in Melbourne. She helps small businesses and startups thrive through powerful copy and content.
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