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Whether you’re a small business, start up, marketing agency or larger brand, I create fresh, targeted marketing copy and web content which creates interest and strengthens your brand.

If you want to generate interest, grow your customer base and get your business the attention it deserves, I can help.

I’m based in Melbourne, but I write for clients all across Australia. Here are some (but not all) of the copywriting services I offer:

SEO Blog Posts

Build up a bank of information that your customers enjoy reading, increasing your visibility within Google and driving traffic to your website. A targeted, entertaining and informative blog strategy can be a powerful, long-term marketing tool.

SEO Web Content

Web content has many purposes. It helps you build authority with your audience, increase search engine visibility and generate leads and new customers. For content to be effective, the messages and information provided need to be clear, persuasive, targeted, interactive – and entertaining!

Melbourne Copywriting Services

Product Descriptions

A strong product description will seduce consumers to buy or explore further. It’s about tapping into the needs and desires of your target audience. For that, you need to understand their way of thinking and why a particular product would be of interest to them.

Marketing Brochures/Flyers

Leave Behind marketing brochures provide a fantastic opportunity to present your products and services in a professional, portable manner. Creating a brochure that generates a successful return on investment involves well-written content that delivers a powerful, targeted message.

Press Releases

Press Releases need to grab the attention of journalists – not easy, considering they’re usually competing with a mountain of other press releases. They need to be timely, factual, newsworthy and interesting. They also need to be formatted correctly so that journalists can easily copy/paste them into their articles and blogs.

Professional Bios

A handy snapshot when applying for jobs, networking or to show your expertise. Bios are a great vehicle for quickly communicating who you are and what you do. They are often requested in different lengths, so it’s handy to have a micro bio, a short bio and a longer bio already prepared. Ideally, they want to have tone and character that complements who you are while stirring interest.

Case Studies

A good case study will highlight the challenge of a particular project and showcase your skills and expertise in overcoming that challenge. Case studies are a powerful way of demonstrating the range of services you offer and the strengths and efficiency of your business.

Editing & Proofreading

A full-service edit will polish the language of your business document or marketing material; improving sentence structure, clarity and consistency and ensuring the highest professional writing standards.

Proofreading eliminates spelling mistakes, errors and ensures consistency with language & formatting.

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Gemma Hawdon

Gemma Hawdon

Finalist International Aesthetica Creative Writing Award 2014