Looking for a blog copywriter who creates unique, entertaining, informative blog posts with an SEO focus? 

Hi, I’m Gemma, an experienced blog copywriter based in Melbourne. How can I help?

You probably already know that content = rankings. The more content you publish, the higher your chances of ranking. The thing is, Google’s clever these days. It won’t rate any old content. Google rewards content that attracts attention and creates a reaction. So your content needs to be fresh, entertaining, targeted and search engine optimised.

Sound tricky?

It can be. But seeing as you’re already looking for a blog copywriter, you’re taking the right steps. I create blog posts geared to boost your rankings, stir a reaction amongst readers and generate shares across social media. Whatever tone you’re after – humorous, professional, educational, entertaining (or a mix of everything) – I’m experienced in adapting my voice to complement your brand. I research relevant, sought after topics and create blog posts that teach something new.

As a blog copywriter, I always – 

  • Deliver what’s promised in the headline
  • Engage, entertain and educate your audience
  • Bring something fresh to the table
  • Focus on generating traffic and leads

Some examples of my work?

Feel free to get in touch to find out more, or check out some of my prices listed below.

Some of the people I blog for:

Gemma Hawdon

Gemma Hawdon

Blog Copywriter

Blogging isn’t just a way to earn a living. I love what I do.
Small Business Blogger
Property copywriter
Lifestyle Blogger
Real estate blogger
Gemma Hawdon is an Author Contributor for flatmate

For an idea of prices, see my pricing tables below (prices are only an indication. Complex subjects may require a higher rate).


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