Looking for a creative copywriter? Copy that’s fresher than breath mints? Content your customers will actually read?

Awesome. I can help.

As a creative copywriter, I’m a curious person. Because if I’m going to create messages that draw attention and new business, I have to know who and what I’m dealing with. And I don’t mean in a ‘nice to meet you’ kind of manner. I’m talking more on the level of ‘I’m moving in, let’s get married’.

Don’t run away, stick with me…

Some of the things I like to discover before I begin?

  • What’s the vibe and tone of your brand?
  • What sets your business apart from its competition?
  • Who are your customers? What’s important to them? What problems are you solving for them?
  • What do you want to achieve? What reaction are you hoping to drive?

I delve right inside your customers’ heads to create messages that address their needs, desires and doubts. This way, they feel understood, their problems solved – and you become the answer to their prayers. It’s a two way relationship – a little like marriage.

Every business, brand and project is different.

It’s about finding the right angle and tone. Powerful, relevant messages that force people to respond. 

Because great copywriting lures customers like bees to a flower.

Here are some (but not all) of the things I can help you with:

  • SEO web content
  • Blog posts
  • Content for social media
  • Company names & taglines
  • Copy advertisements and promotional material
  • Product descriptions
  • Mission statements
  • Brochures
  • Email newsletters
  • Professional bios
  • Case studies

So, when can I move in? 😉

After some gob-smackingly fresh copy?