Melbourne editing and proofreading services

Have a document that needs to be cleaned up, articulate and error-free?

It’s important your business comes across as professional and diligent to clients and customers. Poor grammar, sloppy wording, confusing sentences or overwritten copy can have a negative impact on your reputation and brand. If you’re going to go to the hassle of providing written material, you want it to be clear, concise and professional.

I can help. I provide quality editing and proofreading services for a reasonable price.

Editing Services

Polish the language of your document or marketing material, improve sentence structure & consistency, check clarity of meaning and ensure the highest professional writing standards.

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Proofreading Services

Eliminate spelling and grammar errors and ensure consistency with language & formatting.

I can help

Some of the material I work with –

  • books/manuscripts
  • marketing material
  • annual reports
  • course text books
  • manuals
  • articles
  • websites
  • restaurant menus
  • resumes
  • business documents/proposals

My service is diligent, my turnaround fast, yet my prices remain reasonable.

Gemma Hawdon

Gemma Hawdon

Writer, editor, proofreader. Serial killer of poor grammar and dull language.