In need of an SEO copywriter? Great. You’ve found one.

SEO can be a bit of a head thud. It’s like learning a new language only more confusing because all the rules keep changing. So it’s not surprising most people haven’t a clue where to begin.

The good news? I’m an SEO copywriter – I can help.

In case you’re wondering what an SEO copywriter actually does, we create fresh, unique content which promotes your products and services in an engaging way while increasing your website’s visibility in search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation is a world unto itself.  Just when you begin to get your head around it, algorithms change and new rules apply. The thing is, it’s worth committing to because unlike other marketing campaigns where the leads dry up when you stop spending money, SEO continues to deliver by:

  • Driving constant streams of traffic to your website
  • Strong brand visibility in search engines
  • Improving conversion rates and reducing your cost of sales

I’m fully trained in the latest SEO practices including some nifty little tricks to help your business compete with the big boys, including –

  • Finding high traffic keywords with low competition that drive conversions
  • Producing rich, stimulating and unique content with healthy keyword density
  • Using SEO-friendly urls and title tags
  • Powerful headers which back up your SEO strategy while grabbing users’ attention
  • Meta descriptions to stimulate increased click throughs
  • Unique, informative blog posts tailored around relative, common search topics
  • Applying internal links to encourage further browsing and increase SEO strength


So, give your head a rest and let me help. Together, we’ll make sure your business gets seen in search results.

SEO Copywriter

SEO is complicated so.....

SEO Copywriter

“Wow, Gemma has been a wonderful find for our start up business, her writing skills matched with her SEO knowledge have really helped us with our online strategy.  Every day I receive unsolicited approaches regarding SEO and already we have improved our ranking. Plus she has a sense of humour.”

Julie O'Donohue

Founder, Next Address

“Gemma worked on content strategy and copywriting for for a year. Gemma brought a new and different voice to our blog with articles that resonated well with our customers. It wasn’t just humans who appreciated Gemma’s work, the content she wrote has led to a long tail of SEO love through Google. I look forward to using Gemma for our next project.”

Josh Rowe

CEO realAs