Need help finding the right words to get through to your customers?

I’m a copywriter. I can help.


Clear, powerful copywriting that grabs attention

Do you want to grow your business? To increase your website’s search engine rankings? To draw attention to your products and services? Or maybe, you need to develop a voice for your brand? Awesome.

Because if you want your business to thrive, you need to stand out from your competition. To click with your customers and convince them you have the solution to their problem.

Sound tricky?

I can help.

A little about me…

Hi, I’m Gemma – an experienced SEO copywriter who knows how to get through to your customers. While I’m based in Melbourne, I write for small businesses, agencies and larger brands Australia-wide. 

You only have a split second to capture people’s attention before they move on and your opportunity is lost. It’s about timing, tone and angle – about crafting messages that crackle. I get to know your business, target audience and goals to create copy that drives response while strenthening your brand. 

Looking for a Melbourne copywriter? I’d love to help. Get in touch.

My Copywriting Services

Web Content

SEO web content that engages customers and instills trust while giving you an edge over your competition

Creative Copywriting

Creative, powerful copy to achieve specific marketing objectives (I create messages fresher than breath mints)

SEO Copywriting

Giving your website the chance it deserves to rank for vital keywords (I’m fully trained in SEO)

Blog Copywriting

Unique, well-written, entertaining blog posts flowing with Google juice

Proofreading & Editing

Polish your document or publication to professional standards (I’m a grammar freak)

Have an enquiry or need a quote? Tell me a little about your project

6 + 7 =

“It was a real pleasure working with Gemma on the development of our new website. She is very professional, quickly grasped the essence of our brand and produced some fabulous content for us. Gemma delivered on agreed timeframes, kept within budget and provided us with some great taglines. We’ll continue to work with Gemma on other projects and can thoroughly recommend her services.” 

Darren Trott

National Manager, Construct Services

“Gemma worked on content strategy and copywriting for for a year. Gemma brought a new and different voice to our blog with articles that resonated well with our customers. It wasn’t just humans who appreciated Gemma’s work, the content she wrote has led to a long tail of SEO love through Google. I look forward to using Gemma for our next project.”

Josh Rowe

CEO, realAs

What makes great web content?
Effective web content builds authorityincreases your visibility in search engines and generates leads and new customers.


  • By holding interest
  • Being clear – what are you offering and why should people take you up on it?
  • Instilling trust and building authority
  • Call to actions (entice people to buy or enquire further!)
  • Easy navigation
  • Having an edge over your competition
  • Using keywords that drive traffic and convert to sales

Why do some blogs fail and others thrive?
Blog posts are a great tool to build authority with your customers, a loyal database of followers and to generate social media shares and traffic to your website. Blogs thrive when they’re well-written, entertaining, unique, easy to read and marketed effectively. They become a voice for your business and a hub for visitors to hang out and learn about relevant topics and information – and you become the leader they learn to follow and respect in your field.

Write a great blog, then promote it across social media – don’t just forget about it!

How do you get through to your customers?
It’s about understanding their doubts, desires and needs. Good copywriters are not only storytellers, we know how to talk to different audiences using words and topics they relate to. We tap into their emotions and address the things that influence their decision making. It’s completely different from one audience to the next, which is the greatest challenge. The secret lies in our experience, skill and insight.
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